Distributed Systems Laboratory
Location E11-1050
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Yan ZHUANG, Sofia
Technician Hok Lam SIO, William; Francisco DE OLIVEIRA
Telephone (853) 8822-4285, 4295
Open Access Reservation Period Wednesday: 9:00 - 17:00

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The Distributed Systems Laboratory is established for the purpose of providing area for building up and configure different kind of networks based on PCs, and a dedicated room for the Year 4 Software Engineering students to finish their final projects.



  • 18 Dell Optiplex & HP 8000 Elite PCs (Intel Core2Duo/Dual Core)
  • Apple iMac

OS Platform

  • Windows XP, MacOS X, Linux


  • HP LaserJet 2200

Courses supported

SFTW230 Systems and Networks I
SFTW430 Systems and Networks II
SFTW496 Final Year Project