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Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering

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Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • M.S., Carnegie-Mellon University
  • B.S., National Taiwan University

Related Working Experience

  • Research and teaching assistant, University of California, Berkeley (1993-1998)
  • Designed engineer, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Taipei (1990-1993)
  • Chief of Technical Computer Center, Macao Water Supply Company (1988-1990)


B.Sc. Courses

  • Soil Mechanics II (CIVL352)
  • Retaining Systems for Deep Excavations (CIVL454)


M.Sc. Courses

  • Advanced Soil Mechanics (IMSC004)
  • Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering (IMSC009)
  • Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics (IMSC015)


Research Interests

  • Soil Structure Interaction of pile foundations and retaining structures
  • Computational geomechanics and constitutive modeling
  • Consolidation and shear behavior of Marine clay
  • Geotechnical seismic analysis

Selected Publications

  • Riemer, M.F., Lok, T.M., and Mitchell, J.K. (1996) “Evaluating Effectiveness of Liquefaction Remediation Measures for Bridges,” paper presented at the 6th. U.S.-Japan Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures against Soil Liquefaction.
  • Lok, T.M., Pestana, J.M, and Seed, R.B. (1998) “Effect of Soil Non-Linearity in the Prediction of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction,” Proceedings Structural Engineers World Congress (SEWC), July 1998, San Francisco, California.
  • Lok, T.M., Pestana, J.M., and Seed, R.B. (1998) “Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Coupled Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction,” Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics III, August 1998, Seattle, Washington.
  • Lok, T.M., Riemer, M.F. (1999) “Evaluation of Liquefaction Remediation Measures for Bridge Abutments,” Symposium of FLAC and Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics, September 1999, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Lok, T.M., and Pestana, J.M. (2000) “An Hysteretic Model for Site Response Analysis,” 12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand, 30/1/2000-4/2/2000.
  • Lok, T.M.H., and Ng. C.H. (2003) “Comparative study of constitutive models on predictions of diaphragm wall behavior,” 12ARC on Soil Mechanics and Geo. Engrg., Singapore, 4-8/8/2003.

  • Sam, W.N., Lok, T.M.H., Novais-Ferreira, H. (2003) “Modeling of settlement of embankment on soft marine clay with vertical drains,” EPMESC IX, Macao, 25-28/11/2003.

  • Lok, T.M.H., and Che, W.F. (2004) “Axial Capacity Prediction for Driven Piles using Artificial Neural Network: Model Comparison,” Geo-Trans 2004, the Geo-Institute Conference on Geotechnical Engineering for Transportation Projects, Los Angeles.

  • Yu, H.J., and Lok, T.M.H. (2005) “Laboratory Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Tire Chip-Sand Mixture,” Forum of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Engineers (Macau), 11/11/2005, pp. 121-130.

  • Lok, T.M.H., and Cheong, K. K. (2006) "Comparison on the Seismic Force for Building Design from the China Standard and Macau Regulation," the 2nd  Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Seminar on Technology and Science of Seismology, Macau (in Chinese).

  • Lok, T.M.H., and Yu, H.J. (2006) "Laboratory Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Tire Chip-Sand Mixture," Pavement Mechanics and Performance, Geotechnical Special Publication No. 154, GeoShanghai, pp.157-164.

  • 陸萬海 (2007) "簡介美國岩土工程界在新世紀之展望,"岩土工程第一期, 澳門岩土工程協會。

  • Tou, C.M. and Lok, T.M.H. (2007) "Numerical simulation of foundations on soil with single reinforcement," 13ARC on Soil Mechanics and Geo. Engrg., Kolkata, 10-14/12/2007, pp.1009-1012.

  • Lok, T.M.H., Sae Teng, T., Hao, G., Shi, X. and Cheong, K. K. (2008) "Wave Velocity of Macao Marine Clay from Field and Laboratory Measurement," the 3rd International Conference on Site Characterization, Taipei, 1-4/4/2008.

  • Lok, T.M.H., Leong, H.S., Wong, Y.L., Chan, I.C. and Yan, W.M. (2008) "Load Tests for Jet Grouting at Macau," Keynote lectures, Applications of Innovative Technologies in Geotechnical Works, Proceedings of the 28th Annual Seminar Geotechnical Division, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 2 May 2008, pp.35-42.

  • Cheong, K. K., Sae Teng, T., Lok, T.M.H., Hao, G and Shi, X. (2008) "Preliminary Measurements of Shear Wave Velocity for Macao Soils," the 3rd Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Seminar on Technology and Science of Seismology, Guangzhou (in Chinese).

  • G. Hao, and T.M.H. Lok (2008) "Study of Shear Wave Velocity of Macao Marine Clay under Anisotropic Stress Condition," The 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering October 12-17, 2008, Beijing, China.

  • K.K. Cheong, T.M.H. Lok, T. Sae Teng, G. Hao, X. Shi (2008) "Measurements of Seismic Wave Velocities of Strata at Macau SAR," South China Journal of Seismology, (in Chinese) 華南地震期刊,Vol. 28(2) June, 2008

  • Shi, X. and Lok, T.M.H. (2009) "Experimental study of variation of shear wave velocity of Macao marine clay during one dimensional consolidation," 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Sein, Y.H. and Lok, T.M.H. (2009) "Study of Mechanical Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Soil with Modified Direct Shear Apparatus," The 13th Annual Conference of HKSTAM 2008-2009, Hong Kong and Macao.

  • T. Sae Teng and T.M.H. Lok (2010) "Local Soil Properties and Amplification Effects on Seismic Ground Response in Macao," The 17th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference Taipei, Taiwan, May 10~13, 2010.

  • D. Wang & T.M.H. Lok (2011) "Study of soil resistance to rigid pile using DEM" Proc., the 2nd International FLAC/DEM Symposium, Melbourne, February, 14-16

  • J.M.Zhou & T.M.H. Lok (2011) "Effects of Nonlinear Soil Modeling on Seismic Ground Response at Macao," 14ARC on Soil Mechanics and Geo. Engrg., Hong Kong.

  • C.H. Ng & T.M.H. Lok (2011) "Comparative Simulation of an Excavation in Macao Alluvium," 14ARC on Soil Mechanics and Geo. Engrg., Hong Kong.

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